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TNEA Code-2706

Admission 2022-23



Department of English, steered by Ms.V.Arunadevi with qualified faculty members, is committed to whet the overall communicative quotient of MCETians and transform them to be Employable engineers. One of the prime objectives of the department is to provide practical training in the enhancement of soft skills in general and communicative English in particular. All the four skill-sets of English, LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading& Writing) are scientifically experimented in the laboratory setup through a dynamic, student-centric, interactive learning tools (Tablet- Enabled Smart Learning) and teaching learning methodologies, such as debates, brain storming sessions, Group Discussions, Mock interviews and the likes.

The syllabi taught at MCET has been designed in collaboration with TheBritish Council and is the by-product of Industry Academic Partnership is aimed at meeting the demands of industry for ‘skilful’ and ‘Industry-Ready’ graduates.

Besides preparing the students for Business English Certificate (BEC) course, the students are encouraged and trained on International English Language Certificate courses such as IELTS, TOEFL.Hindi is being offered to all the sophomores and juniors mean while other international languages such as German and Japanese are being taught on demand as well. The department runs Crusade, a monthly e-magazine that identifies and showcases the writing skills of young talents, budding poets, journalists, blog writers and Nature Enthusiasts in all spectrums of life while Rostrum Club provides an active platform and ample exposure to the non- English medium students to conquer Anglophobia – fear of speaking in English.

The department boasts of an exclusive, sophisticated language laboratory housing 104 computers besides a state-of-the-art smart class room and a spacious GD hall.

Amenities of Language Learning Centre:
  • Clarity Snet server (100 licenses)
  • Globarena software (60users)
  • Core i3 5005 U computers with 100 headphones
  • English language learning software that comprises Business writing, It’s Your Job, Tense Buster, Live Action English Interactive, Customer Service Communication Skills
  • Teacher generated Class Online Quizzes.
  • Young India Lectern Portable podium to develop speaking skills.