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Admission 2022-23

Research & Development

A Centre for Research and Development has been established in the institute which has the following specific objectives:

Research and Development center is functioning to coordinate Research and development activities of the institution, guided by the Advisory Committee, headed by the Principal.

The R & D cell is responsible to formulate various process, procedures, and methodologies for research activities.

R & D cell along with R & D coordinators from various departments, coordinates routine research activities of the institution.

R & D cell functions with the following specific objectives.

  • Undertaking research and development programmes with Government/ Private agencies / Industries
  • Catering to the specific needs of industry for product / process development
  • Development of Technology Business Incubator (TBI), primarily promote partnership with small scale industries and engineering entrepreneurs.
  • Extension of basic and applied research of MCET, through prototype and pilot plant development.
  • Dissemination / transfer of know-how in the forms usable by the manufacturing units.
  • Special need-based training / orientation programmes for serving industrial personnel / entrepreneurs / faculty of technical institutions.
  • Providing linkages with different sponsoring agencies for development of R & D programmes in the emerging areas of engineering and technology.
  • Developing Intellectual Property Rights for commercial projects.
  • Creating of database of experts in various spheres of Engineering and Technology.
The objectives of R & D cell are pursued at
  • Various center of excellence providing contemporary research facilities.
  • Recognized Research Centers & Research Labs at the department with the state of the art equipment and software.
  • Workshops with latest equipment and facilities.
Institution provides ample opportunities for various categories of research by the faculty by providing,
  • Facilities for academic/scholarly research for obtaining doctoral degree
  • Sponsorship for collaborative research with international institutions
  • Research funding for applied research
  • Financial incentives for consultancy activities by faculty members
  • Permission to avail funding from various government and other collaborating agencies for basic/ applied research and application research
  • Incentives for publications in selected national/international journals
  • Finance for participating in national and international conferences/seminars
  • Incentives for fetching external grants from government and non-governmental institutions

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