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TNEA Code-2706

Admission 2022-23

MCET – Bosch Joint Certification Centre

MCET – Bosch Joint Certification Centre

MCET – BOSCH Training Centre established jointly by Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology and Bosch Limited. The facility was inaugurated by Mr. Abhijit Kallianpur, Senior General Manager, Automotive Service Solutions, Bosch Limited on 14.09.2016.

Objective of the Centre

The joint training centre is established as per BOSCH concept. it is the efficient combination of hardware , teach ware and courseware which is offered by BOSCH as industry oriented training in the field of a automobile technology. It will impart training to undergraduate, post graduate, polytechnic, vocational school students to meet industry requirements, bridging academic gap and enhancing the competency levels of students for better employability and opportunity to become an entrepreneur in the field of fuel system testing